BlueStacks – Get Android Emulator for Windows and Mac [Latest Version]

9BluestacksBlueStacks is available for free over major online application stores. This emulator is made to run all kinds of applications on your computer especially the Android games. The user interface is very interactive and pleasing to one’s eyes. The latest versions and updates of BlueStacks has got added features that make the application even more interesting. You can access your Google Play store account by signing in with your Google account on BlueStacks and get all your favorite Android applications running on your PC. You can download the application by clicking the download button below.

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BlueStacks Features

You can use make use of this Android emulator in many ways. The latest version of this application has got a feature that allows you to share applications on your phone via Cloud. You can even sideload applications and test them on your PC. Many beta applications are unstable and may harm your phone so it is a better idea to test run these applications on your PC which is better equipped to resist potential threats. The application supports Keyboard, Mouse and Touch inputs so it will be easier for you to play games such as PUBG with better accuracy.

Fastest Emulatorfastest emulator

BlueStacks is the fastest emulator in the market and you won’t miss a second of your gameplay. You will be able to keep up with all the motions in your game accurately. It also means that your reflexes will be much faster and precise allowing you to score maximum points or kill the most enemies.

Usability of Keyboard and Mousekeyboard and mouse

You will find that it is so much better to control your game or game character when you have a keyboard and mouse at your disposal than the touch feature. This is a huge advantage for gamers who want to reach the top without any trouble. First person shooter games such as PUBG, becomes so much easier when you play using the keyboard and mouse. Many such games become more exciting and more straightforward due to this feature of BlueStacks.

Multiple tabs, windows, and accountsmulti tab feature

This feature allows you to play multiple games at a time. You can switch between different games by switching between the tabs. Not just games, you can even use different kinds of applications using this exciting feature. If you have several gaming accounts of the same game, you can play all of these accounts at once using BlueStacks.

About BlueStacks

BlueStacks was first released in December 2012 and since then 3 major versions of the application has been introduced. These versions grew more stable and included more features as the versions advanced. Let us look at some of them briefly.

BlueStacks 1

The oldest Beta version of BlueStacks was released on December 27, 2012. Since then minor bug issues and other such abnormalities that made the application unstable was fixed. The application was initially made only for Windows and it was developed for the Mac OS after a while. BlueStacks introduction got a big welcome by the regular PC user and it showed more than a 100 million downloads the same year of its release.

BlueStacks 2

BlueStacks came on the market with a significant upgrade and feature with its 2nd version on December 2015. The much-awaited feature of multitasking was included in BlueStacks 2. The application now enabled simultaneous applications to run over different tabs of this application.

BlueStacks 3

The whole BlueStacks platform was redesigned to suit a gamer friendly environment. This version itself was called BlueStacks 3 – gaming platform. It is optimized to offer you the best gaming experience. The chat option from version 2 was also included in this version. This is a pretty useful feature if you are playing a multiplayer game and you do not want to use the game chat.

BlueStacks for WindowsBluestacks Windows

If you choose to install the application manually, let us remind you that you might be accessing some unreliable source. So it is always better to do your research and download this application from a trusted source. You can choose to download the apps using our links as these are reliable and trustworthy sources. BlueStacks for PC can be downloaded by following simple steps, refer to our article to know more about this topic.

Bluestacks for Mac

Bluestacks Mac

Installing BlueStacks is as easy as it is to make a few clicks. The application is readily supported on both the Windows and Mac OS. Even if the application is not available on your major online application store, there are several other ways to download them.

What is an emulator?

An emulator is a technical term used to describe a machine or a software that behaves as another software. For example, when you were kids, you might have played Mario on your old video game player, an emulator will allow you to play the same game on your phone today with the same type of controls. So basically an emulator pretends to be some other software while running on the host software.

BlueStacks Technical Requirements

Bluestack is a pretty big application. It requires at least a 2 GB RAM of memory and more than 4GB hard disk space. The application runs better with the latest versions of computers. On older versions, you might face minor glitches and such problems while playing. It also helps if you have a DirectX 9.0 or above installed and .NET framework 3.5 SP3 or higher. It is advised that you update to a better graphics card version. The newer versions of this Android emulator have a higher graphical requirement. The application crashes with the BitDefender Anti-virus system.

For the Mac operating system, 4 GB RAM,4 GB hard disk space and macOS sierra or higher are the basic requirements.

Our Verdict

BlueStacks Android emulator will work as expected for you if you suppose to have one of those good computers with accelerated graphics features and better memory. The application however useful does come with some limitations. The user interface however impressive it seems does push a lot of unwanted applications. Also, you cannot re-arrange the applications you downloaded as you want0, it will stay in the default alphabetical order. We would recommend this application to those who want to get a good Android emulator with lesser hardware compatibility.