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Twitter for PCTwitter if not the best but a great social media platform to keep yourself updated with the latest trends around the world. It allows you to share your views and thoughts to the multitude in no more than 140 characters. The application allows you to keep you updated with what is happening with your favorite actor’s life and many such exciting stories. The application allows you to like pictures, retweet posts or replies to these posts. Although there is a windows version of Twitter available, you can use Twitter for PC using Bluestacks. The latest update has seen significant development in the application interface and has made it much more appealing to smartphone users.

How to download Twitter for PC with BlueStacks?

BlueStacks in case you do not know is an Android emulator. It allows you to run Android applications on other operating systems preferably Windows PC or Mac OS. This application is a useful tool to test beta Android applications or if you want to play Android games with better resolution. The Twitter application on your Android phone can be used on your personal computer using BlueStacks and we are here to show you how.

  • Launch the Chrome browser and search for Twitter APK download or click on the below button. This is a direct download link.

Download BlueStacks

  • Once you click the link, a message box will ask you to place the downloaded file at your desired location.
  • Now, click Enter. This should start the downloading process.
  • After the downloads have finished, open the BlueStacks application.
  • Head to “My Apps” section.
  • On the bottom right corner, you will see a tab named “Install App”, click on it.
  • Find the downloaded file and select it.
  • Proceed to install and wait.
  • Now you can access Twitter using BlueStacks.

Alternatively, you can also use Google Play store app on the BlueStacks platform yo search for the Twitter app and it will work just fine. Write to us if you have any queries regarding the downloading procedure.