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OfficeSuite Pro for PCHaving a multi-platform document creation and editing application on your smartphones is always advised. You might never know when to host a presentation or to make an excel sheet. OfficeSuite Pro is the best one there is. This application has a scanning feature that scans documents using your phone’s camera and detects the content on the document. There are several other features on this fantastic application that sets it apart from other document editing software. The application supports creating and formatting of a wide range of documents such as DOC, PDF, and PPT. If you have BlueStacks Android emulator on your system you can easily use OfficeSuite Pro for PC.

How to download OfficeSuite Pro for PC?

BlueStacks is an Android emulator which means it can pretend to be an Android system and allows Android-based applications to work on other systems such as Windows. Hence, having this application on your Pc or Mac book is vital if you want to download Android-based applications such as OfficeSuite Pro. Click on the below button to directly download BlueStacks on your system.

Download BlueStacks

To download OfficeSuite Pro for PC follow the below steps.

  1. Open BlueStacks.
  2. Open Google Play store on BlueStacks which can be found under “My apps” section.
  3. Type in OfficeSuite Pro for PC on the search box and hit enter.
  4. Click on the appropriate result from the list and proceed to install.
  5. The installation should begin instantly.
  6. You can now access OfficeSuite Pro for PC using “My Apps”.

The best thing about OfficeSuite Pro is how this application converts PDF to DOC files effortlessly, while other applications tend to mess up the font style and size when OfficeSuite Pro stays consistent. This application comes in a paid version and a free version. With the paid version you can efficiently convert PDF to DOCs while in the basic version you are only allowed to view PDF files. It is advised that you go for the paid version as it is worth your money.