How to install an app on BlueStacks?

install app bluestacksThere are several ways of downloading an application on Bluestacks. Bluestacks, as you know, is an android emulator. It essentially pretends to be an Android OS while running on another Operating system. The application is big but compared to other famous emulators Bluestacks is more stable and hosts a lot more Android applications. Depending on the source of the application there are simpler ways and more complicated ways to install a particular application. Apps that are already present on the Google Play store can readily be downloaded. We will look into some of these methods to install an app on Bluestacks in this article. Read on to know more.

1. Install using the Google Play store

The Google Play store is present on the Bluestacks platform once you register with your G-mail. This can be found under “System Apps” on the “My Apps” screen. Access Google Play store as you would do on your android phone and search for your favorite apps and proceed to download as you do in an Android phone. Some applications might not run along with Bluestacks.

2. Using the Bluestacks Search baro

The BlueStacks search bar finds applications from the Google play store directly. You do not have to access the Play store application. The search bar is found on the top right corner. You can type in the name of an application that you have in mind. From the results choose the desired application and proceed to download.

3. Installing an APK file

Several applications are not available on the Google play store, but these applications can be downloaded from various third party sources. Use your browser to download an APK file. then, head to “My Apps” section on your Bluestacks application. On the bottom right corner, you will find “install apk.” button. Click that and find your downloaded application and proceed to install.

The methods mentioned above are the most commonly used methods to install find and install Android applications on Bluestacks. If you know about more methods, let us know about them. You can even install beta and alpha versions of applications and see if it will work for your Android system. Enjoy!